Finspo - 2023 Campaign 

Art Direction: Erina Ho
Animation created by : Gabriel

‘Feel good abour your home loan moves’

Finspo’s 2023 campaign - Showcasing three main illustrated website display designs. Finspo is heavily customer focused bring a helpful team of brokers on your side. 

Sunny Days Gardening

Logo and branding 
Sunny Days Gardening pride themsleves on their commitment to maintaining high standards for gardens in Melbourne's eastern area. Quality gardening and maintenance services are essential to keep outdoor spaces looking beautiful and well-kept. If you're looking for professional help with your garden in Melbourne's east, Sunny Days Gardening are the ones to consider.

Frybaby Hats

Sold out within 48 hours
Link to website:
‘Say hello, or rather, howdy to the first navy Fry Baby in almost 2 years. Naarm/Melbourne designer and illustrator Emma Winton has served up a character you'll want to rep every day of the week. Winton says the mermaid cowgirl is a rider of the high seas and is lassoing her way straight to your heart. She's ready for action. And as always, they're limited edition, so lob this corduroy lid on your head before she swims away to catch someone else.’
- Frybaby

MAp The Sustainable Hotel 

Vector Illustrations

The hotel sustainability platform to make hotels thrive - in a way that’s not only good for business, but good for People and Planet too! Created by the B-Corp certified MAp Boutique Consultancy team, The Sustainable Hotel empowers you with the insights, tools and resources to make your hotel more sustainable.

Creating illustrations to reflect the team's commitment to providing help and care, along with their deep understanding of sustainability, is a wonderful way to showcase their values and services. These illustrations can visually communicate their dedication to maintaining gardens to high standards while promoting eco-friendly and sustainable practices.